Care products


1. A small sample of the product

A small sample of the product

2. Black ink, pencil and ink.

Black ink, pencil and ink

3. To stain the sample.

To stain the sample

4. To put under water.

To put under water

5. Like new.

 Like new

6. Sandpaper

To update the surface through many years of use, it is necessary to use abrasive paper and item new.


Maintenance of the surfaces of sinks and baths are very simple:
There are two versions of the sinks and baths of artificial stone: matte and glossy. From hard water on the surface can form plaque, which can be easily removed by appropriate cleaning agents used according to the manufacturer's instructions. Wipe the entire surface with a sponge with detergent solution, leave on a few minutes, and then rinse with clean water and wipe dry.
Soap, water and sponge remove ordinary dirt and smudges with all types of surfaces. In all cases, the water wiped off with a dry cloth.


Wipe the surface with purifier the basis of ammonia and clean, dry cloth.
From hard water on the surface of the product can form plaque, which can be easily removed by appropriate non-abrasive cleaners.


If there is a spill of dye, harsh household chemicals, in most cases, the consequences can be prevented with minimal effort. Rinse immediately with warm water soap if necessary, clean the entire surface with the help of detergent and damp sponge.


Do not use abrasive cleaners and steel wool. Do not expose your product to corrosive chemicals. If such cleaning agents as paints and solvents, substances for cleaning metal and kitchen ovens containing methylene chloride, acetone(liquid Polish remover for nails), acid cleaners, hit the surface your product, immediately wash with plenty of soap and water.
Nail nails cleaned fluid to Polish remover on not acetone based, and then rinse with water.
Although products from Polystone is very durable, strong blow of a heavy or sharp object can damage or leave marks.